We have a program for those who are choosing to be a small business or partnership.

We also have other services available for small business in the disability sector

Small Business Program

Contains the templates for onboarding staff and participants. Videos and audios for your business success.

In the Business Consultation 4 VIP we provide you with this program and 4 hours one to one with Jacqui to help set your business apart from the rest.

Price: $428.00

Business Consultations and Staff education

We have other services available for business which are available to build capabilities in your business, empower your management team and staff. Consultations and Staff in-services.

The Business consultation 4 and Business Consultation 4 VIP are designed to work with you and your team to be the best you can, to ensure that you can implement your policies and procedures with ease and be able to enjoy the work you do.

The staff in-services/education and seminars are designed for us to deliver them for you reminding staff of YOUR companies policies and procedures along with how to be the best they can be.

Live YOUR Best Life seminar is focused on health, fitness and wellbeing which is even more important now than every before. The information and tools that we provide at this seminar will empower your management team and staff and follow through to your participants, it is a win-win. Improve staff attendance, build moral and an amazing team all that helps your business grow.

Best Practice Personalized Policies, Procedures and Forms

We will personalized your policies, procedures and forms for you. We start with a 90 minute session together and then you will have your policies, procedures and forms within 2-3 weeks and then we can meet again for another session to go over the forms and answer any questions you may have.

Price: $3,800.00 – Full set of Policies, procedures and forms.

For only a few please email us for a quote: info@breakfreeconsultancy.com