We understand that having the right resources at the right time, which is why we have put together some FREE resources for you as well as providing you with important links for easy access to.

We have included our paid services also in case you would like further assistance

Worker Screening Check Process

Useful NDIS links

To learn about paying staff this is a great document: Disability Support Worker Cost Model – it is a guide for those employing staff

We highly recommend becoming a member of the National disability services, the fees are based on your income and as a sole trader there maybe some limits on access, however the professional development and articles are great.

You can learn more here: National Disability Services

To find out what the level of demand is for your services in your area, you can click on this link: NDIS Demand Map

Each state has different ways of completing police and working with children’s checks, here is some links to the different states guidelines:

Proda Application – you will require this as part of your worker screener check

We also have a FAQ’s page, a great place to start with your questions.

Free Resources

Break Free with Jacqui Podcast

We have Break Free with Jacqui podcasts that you can listen to at any time

Sole Trader Check list – Support worker, Nurse,

Support Coordinator

This is perfect for those starting out as a support worker and not sure where to start, you take a look at our starter check list. Remember to check your individual state for the information around police check and working with children check. The main thing to remember is you are working with vulnerable people. Some things on the check are not for everyone so read through it carefully.

Access here:

30 Minute Coaching Strategy

This free session is to get to know each other, see how we can assist you and get you started in the best possible way. Access here:

30 Minute Coaching session

Self Care Meditation

It is really important to take care of you, so we have created a self care meditation that you may find useful.


There are always different ways for Sole Traders to assist their participants to achieve their goals.


Many people become confused with their medications and what they take. There is an app they can use called Medicine Wise and it can provide alerts, plus when they go to appointments they are can have their medication list with them. You can learn more about it here: Medicine Wise App

Paid Services and Products

We know that there are always so many questions so we have put together a video presentation for Sole traders who are just starting out. It comes from the questions that were raised during a recent webinar. Access video here: Sole Trader Start up Video

We also have our video series available that teaches you about building a successful Sole Trader business in a series of videos. You can learn more: Build a Successful sole trader business video series

We love supporting others in the industry and assisting participants to use their choice and control for service providers, so we have created an affiliate program. Learn more or apply Today. Affiliate Program

Whether you are a Support worker, Nurse, Support Coordinator or recovery coach we have you covered. Each course includes templates, audios and resources to assist you to start and build your business. VIP 6 week Programs includes coaching. To learn more visit our course page, there is a drop down box and you can choose your course for your qualifications: Courses

We know that starting a business you have questions and doubts that you would like to talk out with someone and it’s important to connect with the right person. We have 3 different coaching available: 1 hour, 2 hours and 5 hours. Now the breakup of the time is up to you and we have some flexibility to work with you. You will leave each session with an action plan. To Learn more: Coaching

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