Whether you are new to NDIS or have had a plan for some time it can be at times challenging to find the right service providers and then when you find someone knowing what questions to ask them.

Templates you may find useful;

  • Best Practice Checklist that we give providers we work with to follow.
  • Plan Categories and Services this one will download instantly to your computer.
  • Meet & Greet Guide & Questions – this one is a place to start to learn about the service provider. Use from this guide what you are comfortable with.
  • Taking care of you is extremely important so we are providing you with a FREE meditation: Self Care Meditation you can use it as often as you like.
  • Remember that when you are connecting with Sole Traders as part of working with them, you can treat it as an interview. Don’t be scared to ask questions as this is about your care, your life.

NDIS has a great page now to help participants and carers understand plans and services, it also includes where to find the right person to help you with your application, your plan. You can check it out here: NDIS Implementation Directory

Break Free with Jacqui Podcast

We have a Podcast that is for both service providers, participants and carers.

Apply for NDIS

Applying for NDIS can be a challenging process so we have decided to provide you with some tips and links as options for a place to start

  • Your GP and specialist will be required to give reports and letters to submit with your application.
  • Application to NDIS – All the information that you are required to know about applying can be found here: How to apply for NDIS
  • Understand that the process can take time and maybe frustrating at times so please have someone you can debrief with.
  • Local Area Coordinators can assist with the application process. To find your Local area coordinator in your area you can search online.

Implementing your plan

  • Now that you have your plan the next step is getting the services you require in place. You may have in your plan, funding for a Support Coordinator, if you do you contact person at NDIA or Local Area Coordinator may have already suggested someone to you. The role of the support coordinator is it assist you with implementing your plan and helping you to use your funding in a way that assists you with achieving your goals.
  • We have created a check list that you can use when speaking with your local area coordinator, support coordinator and service providers, to help you out as best we can. Checklist
  • If you do not have a support coordinator but have a local area coordinator, they can assist you in find the right service providers for your plan and goals.

Choice and Control

  • Remember that you have choice and control over the service providers you choose and also if you would like to change service providers.
  • Whilst we understand that you may not feel comfortable at times creating changes, if you are not happy with the services and supports you are receiving you can speak up and you can also have an advocate to assist you with this. This is your life and its important you are enjoying it and living it the best you can.

If you or a family member is struggling with your medications and remembering them, then a great resource is an app from Medicine Wise. You can access it here: Medicine Wise